Our family wants to thank Mrs. Jaia Raitman and Mr. Mario Tubert who have contributed to the diffusion of everything with respect to the classical music. They have promoted young talents and they have elevated the musical culture of our country and of other countries of the world. "Music lovers feel happy when others feel that too".

The Atelier


The violinmaking atelier of the family Karinkanta is situated in Bernal, province of Buenos Aires, (Argentina).There the family tradition began with Hannes Vitalis Karinkanta, and was followed by Arne, Daniel and finally Martin Karinkanta.

At present work in the shop Daniel and Martin, father and son, work in the shop. Both dedicated to the construction and repair of violins and violas.
In the beginning, Hannes taught this profession to his son Arne, and so forth their knowledge was transmitted through several generations. The oral transmission and the imitation is a particularity that presents this craft, in a country in which there is only one school of violinmaking (in the province. of Tucumán).

The instruments made by the Karinkanta, are based on the classic formats of Guarneri del Gesú (1742; 1742 Paganini "Il Cannone"; 1744 "Rose ", former Arthur Grumiaux, and the Stradivari model of the golden period.
All the instruments in the atelier are craftsman´s work which gives them the appearance of the old violins (see Gallery of pictures).

The Karinkanta take the maximum advantage of the visits of great interpreters that lend them their instruments to study and to reproduce them. The Karinkanta copies have included the "former Kreisler-Perlman" of Carlo Bergonzi, a selection of instruments of Guarneri del Gesú 1742, "Rose", the Stradivari "Kreutzer" and "former Wolfgang Schneiderhand" and works of J.B.Vuillaume.