Many interpreters and collectors, Argentines or foreigners trust the quality of their instruments and fine restorations, some of them are:

Ruggiero Ricci, Salvattore Accardo, Uto Ughi, Humberto Carfi, Symzia Bajour, Antonio Agri, Mario Tubert, Rafael Gintoli, Christine Walevska, Janos Morel, Fernando Favero, Luis Vidal, Donald Weilerstein, Rubén Gonzáles, Arto Noras, and others.

Some of the intrumentos with the Karinkanta name are in possession of:

Violin Nro.1 y Nro. 46 de D. K. Uto Ughi, (violinist, Italy)

Violin Nro. 2, 14, 27, 34, 47, 50 de D. K. Mario Tubert (violinist collector, Mendoza- Arg.)

Violin Nro.4 de D. K. . Narcissus Benacot (concertino of the Orchestra of Mendoza)

Violin Nro. 6 de D. K. M.Angel Bertero (violinist, Symphonic Nac. Orchestrates. Argentina)

Violin Nro.7 de D. K. Amilcar Carfi (violinist, Brazil)

Violin Nro. 9 y Nro. 33 de D. K. Salvatore Spatola (violinist, Italy)

Violin Nro. 10 de D. K. Szymsia Bajour, (concertino Theater Colón, Argentina)

Violin Nro. 12 de D. K. David Goldzicher (former - Camerata Bariloche), (Germany)

Violin Nro. 25 de D. K. Luis Orlando (the orchestra's of Paraná concertino, Santa Fe, Argentina)

Violin Nro. 28 de D. K. Donald Weilerstein (first violin, Quartet of Cleveland, U.S.A)

Violin Nro. 29 de D. K. Rubén Gonzáles (concertino of the Orchestra from Chicago, U.S.A)

Violin Nro. 37 de D. K. Morel Janos (violinist, of the Dominican Republic living in Argentina)

Viola Nro. 4 de D. K. Mario Tubert (violinist collector, Mendoza - Arg.)

Algunos clientes y amigos de los luthiers...
The Karinkanta's with Salvatore Accardo
Daniel and Uto Ughi
Isaac Stern, Daniel and Arne
Isaac Stern and Martín Karinkanta
Daniel and Uto Ughi
Daniel, Arne and Rubén Gonzalez
Ruggiero Ricci, Szymsia Bajour and Arne
Janos Morel, Uto Ughi and Daniel
Mario Tubert and Martin Karinkanta
Donald Weilerstein in the atelier
Mario, Margarita Tubert and Nihira Family
in the atelier
Julio Zoppi, Ivry Gitlis y Daniel karinkanta