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Daniel Karinkanta:

Born in 1951, is the third generation and in some senses the most successful one. He received from their father the formation in the art of building violins, and he has acquired more experience.

He began his craft as violinmaker with the handmade construction of fine accessories for string instruments: pegs and tailpieces of the Napoleonic style that J.B. Vuillaume made for the "messiah" (the messiah"). At the same time he was interested in the construction of electric guitars, and later he took to building string instruments, using in general Guarneri del Gesú and Stradivarius designs.

At present his prestige has gone beyond Argentina. The excellent quality of his copies makes his instruments appreciated by professional performers, amateurs, Argentinean and foreign collectors. His reputation has gone a long way, has got such a stage that artists as Donald Weilerstein of the string quartet of Cleveland and Uto Ughi play instruments built by Daniel. So far Daniel has built more than 60 violins, 8 violas and 2 violoncellos.

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Martín Karinkanta:

Daniel's son, born in Bernal, Buenos Aires, in 1977 has showed a promissory future as violinmaker. He began with his first instrument when he was 11, he has made 13 violins and a viola so far.

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Brenda Karinkanta:

Daniel's daughter, born in Bernal, Buenos Aires in 1975, is devoted to the repairing and maning of bows, she began to do this work in 93; she learned it from her father.

The three generations of the Karinkanta appear in the "Universal Dictionary of Violinmakers"